About Us

Elmhurst Ski Club was started in 1957 by a small group of people who had met in high school. They all had one thing in common – they enjoyed skiing. From that small group, ESC has evolved over the years. Membership was only open to those 21 years or older and it was predominately a singles group. Now the Club enjoys a very wide variety of people. Regular event attendees range from age nine to 78, with a mix of single and married.

Some of our members have moved out of the area but enjoy being with the Elmhurst group so much they join us each year on ski trips. They come from as far away as Arizona, Wisconsin, Washington State, and Florida.

Our club is large enough to have active participation at events but small enough to get to know everyone in the club and give every member that feeling of “community.”

Attend one of our meetings. Come ski and/or join us for other activities. Bring your ideas. You, your ideas, your family and friends are always welcome in our fun-loving, super group of people.


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